Hotel QR Menu and Room Service Ordering Solution

Our hotel QR code based Room Service solution allows guest to fully view the room service menu and order from their mobile phones. No APP download is required. Simply scan a QR code and the guest will be able to see the menu and order anything they want. By using our QR code room service solution, hotels will simply and make the service easier, eliminate the inefficiencies and enhance guest experience.

Easy Ordering Process

Instead of having to call the front desk, wait on hold, and then place an order over the phone, guests can simply scan the QR Code provided in their room and instantly see the available menu items. This makes it almost effortless to place an order, saving time and reducing the frustration that can arise from a complicated ordering system.

Contactless Ordering

With QR codes, hotels offer a safer and more hygienic option for ordering food and beverages. By scanning the QR code, guests can order and pay for their food without interacting with hotel staff. This reduces the need for cash transactions and keeps staff and guests safe.

Enhanced Guest Experience

By using QR codes, hotels can enhance the guest experience by providing detailed information on their hotel room service menus. With the ability to include images, videos, and descriptions, guests can easily visualize their choices and make informed decisions. Additionally, hotels can use QR codes to provide additional information, such as nutritional facts, ingredients, and recommended pairings, making guests feel more engaged and informed.

Multiple Language Options

By providing a digital menu that can be accessed in multiple languages, hotels can offer a more inclusive and welcoming experience for all their guests. This can be particularly important in tourist-heavy areas where many guests may not speak the local language. By providing menus in multiple languages, hotels can ensure that all guests can easily access and order from their room service menus.

We are going to set it all up for you !

If you decide to transition to the QR Menu and Room Service ordering then we will build the entire portal for you at no charge. The solution does not require any type of hardware. We will build the QR Menu portal in the cloud and give you access to the management interface so you can update the menu and apply real time updates to your products and services. We will also send you the QR codes that are unique to each room. All you have to do is the print out the QR codes and place them in the rooms.

We build your QR Menu Portal and ordering system at no charge

We offer you a top quality professional solution and part of that is that we use our knowledge and resources to build you high quality, guest friendly QR Menu portal. We are also going to build the ordering solution for you. Ordering solution allows guest select products from your menu and order them instantly. The orders will arrive instantly at the desired recipient (e-mailed to kitchen orders, e-mailed to reception, printed, sent to a ordering recipient of your choice).

We give you access to the management interface of your QR Menu portal

Digital menus accessed through QR codes can be updated in real-time. This allows hotels to make changes to their menu offerings quickly and easily, ensuring that guests can always access the most up-to-date options. Additionally, real-time updates can help hotels to respond quickly to changing dietary restrictions or food allergies, making the ordering process even more efficient and accommodating for guests.

We give you a cost effective solution

Implementing QR codes for room service menus eliminates the need for printing and distributing physical menus, which can be time-consuming and expensive. By going digital, hotels can save money on printing costs while reducing their environmental impact. This can be particularly beneficial for hotels prioritizing sustainability and eco-friendliness.

We give you a game changer solution with ZERO investment

The adoption of QR codes in the hospitality industry has proven to be a game-changer. With the ability to provide easy access, enhance the guest experience, and improve efficiency, QR codes have unlocked a new era of hotel room service while driving cost savings for businesses. Further, it is a huge gain to embrace this technology and integrate QR codes into your hotel room service menus to provide your guests with a convenient and memorable dining experience. Visitors can place orders without calling directly from their mobile devices. You can place food orders, ask for additional towels or other items, and more by scanning a QR code on the room service menu. For the most straightforward service quality and to reduce the need for printed documents in the rooms, use dynamic QR codes for Hotels and Resorts that can be modified at any time. Deliver QR Codes for hotels and resorts along with a welcoming refreshment once your customer checks in. You can include custom welcome messages or other content produced specifically for the visitor. This can help your clients feel special and important if your hotel is an elevated one. Therefore, for any hotel owner who wants to remain competitive in today’s digital age, it would be very helpful to integrate QR codes in their hotel room service.

Zero Investment, Managed Solution with a small monthly fee

Our solution will be fully implemented by our specialists at no initial cost for your business. The solution is delivered as a managed solution with 24/7 monitoring and support. Therefore a monthly fee will apply which will be calculated based on the number of rooms your property has.

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