Hotel Chromecast Solution - Chromecast for Hotels and Motels in Australia

 Hotel Chromecast allows guests to stream content from their mobile device to the guestroom TV. Designed  specifically for use within the hospitality industry,  our hotel chromecast solution allows guests to stream their own content onto the guestroom TV in 3 easy steps.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Guest friendly chromecast solution! Guest will be able to use their personal device and connect in 3 simple steps

  • Connect to Hotel WiFi

  • Scan the QR Code on the screen

  • Touch Chromecast icon on the mobile device to start casting

Australian Designed and Made

This solution is based on Google Chromecast and integrated with H-Interactive casting server to deliver a top quality hotel Chromecast solution. H-Interactive is an Australian, Sydney based developer and integrator that delivers hospitality WiFi and casting solutions to hotels and motels in Australia and New Zealand.

Quick Deployments

Quick deployment guaranteed anywhere in Australia and New Zealand

  • Compatible with any TV

  • Will deliver  a customizable, branded guest experience

  • Trusted and used by Accor, Marriott, Hyatt, Radisson and more

Simple & Secure

H-Interactive is a Hotel Chromecast solution designed to seamlessly integrate into hotel's existing infrastructure, uses simple methods like scanning QR Code displayed on the TV, to open a secured connection between guest's mobile device and the TV, secured connection allows guest to cast only guestroom TV.

Give your guests access to the content they love

Nowadays most peolple access on demand content and services like Netflix, You Tube, Disney, etc. They moved on from traditional lenear TV to the world of streaming services. H-Interactive Hotel Chromecast solution will allow your guests to enjoy their own content they’re subscribed to back home – on your TV. Make them feel like home. They’ll love you for it.

All Equipment Supplied

Our Hotel Chromecast solution is a fully managed solution, supported via our partners at H-Interactive in Sydney and it will be delivered as a managed solution with no deposit or initial investment. That will include the H-Interactive server, all the chromecast units and other accessories.

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Full System Installation

Our Hotel Chromecast solution will be installed at your property at no cost for you. This includes onsite installation service. Being a fully managed solution, it means your hotel or motel will have no installation cost and it will receive 24/7 free (included) technical support.

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Fixed monthly fee

Hotel will pay a fixed monthly fee. There will be a fixed monthly fee calculated based on the number of rooms or chromecast units in use. The fee will also include 24/7 technical support. This offer applies to Australia, New Zealand and some of the Pacific Islands

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Is our existing hotel WiFi going to support the chromecast solution you are offering ?

We will be able to answer that question after an onsite assessment. Your WiFi will have to meet a number of requirements. Your wifi must be able to deliver a high quality connection in terms of radios (Signal Strength, Signal to Noise Ratio, Signal to Interference Ratio, Throughput, etc.). To determine those parameters, we will send a WiFi engineer onsite to run a WiFi Site Survey. Also, your network must be able to support high level of traffic through the main gateway/core router and switching. That is because streaming requires consistent bandwidth and considering multiple users will stream content simultaneously, we must ensure your IP network can support that.

Do you also do hotel WiFi installations ? We would be interested in both upgrading our WiFi and adopting your chromecast solution.

Yes, we also do hotel wifi installations. In fact, we have been doing that for a log time and we have extensive experience in design, equipment supply and installation service. We can deliver high quality WiFi solutions and provide high bandwidth internet service anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

What is our initial investment likely to be ? We manage a 100 rooms hotel in Queensland

Our Chromecast solution is delivered at ZERO initial cost for you. It is a manged solution. Therefore, the solution will be delivered as follows: no cost for equipment (includes the H-Interactive server, all chromecast units and other accessories), no cost for onsite installation service. Also, solution is delivered with 24/7 technical support. Being a managed solution, it means you will get to operate it while all equipment that is part of it (delivered by us) is owned/maintained/upgraded when required by us at all times

We would love your Chromecast solution but our internet is very slow here(NBN copper line). What can we do to improve speed and get Chromecast installed.

Good Question!  First you will have to cancel the NBN service. After that we will upgrade your internet service (anywhere in Australia) to a business grade Starlink with load balancing. Our team will determine the bandwidth requirements in order for you to install a chromecast solution. Based on that result, we will determine the number of Starlinks you require. The Starlinks will all be run via our core router that delivers fail over and load balancing. Note that we supply the Starlinks and internet service as we are Starlink resellers. All Starlink customer service will be delivered by us (via our 24/7 technical support team)

How do we know if guest in one room not casting on TV in another room ? That happened to us before

This is not going to happen when you use our solution because when the guest scan the QR code on TV screen, the streaming server will only allow streaming to that particular chromecast only. The other chromecasts will not be visible/available to that user. The streaming server is managing this aspect by using a series of IP network settings (that are pre-defined).