Point To Point WiFi Solutions

We are providers of point to point wifi solutions. The Point to Point WiFi solutions allow users to extend their LAN network wirelessly by connecting 2 or more sites to the same network by using a radio channel. WiFiMax is an experienced provider of Point to Point WiFi solutions with over 20 years experience in the field. We resell and support Ubiquiti, MikroTik and Mimosa, the top manufactures of Point to Point WiFi equipment. We offer full Point to Point WiFi solutions from design, equipment supply, cabling, equipment installation and ongoing support.

short and long range

We supply equipment and offer full installation service for small (20 metes) to long range (20 Km) point to point wireless solutions

zero bandwidth loss

Our point to point wireless solutions offer  a zero bandwidth loss data transmission across the sites. We survey each site prior to deployment and design a high performance solution

real time monitoring

We offer a real time monitoring solution for the Point To Point link with alert solution implemented.

Design - Equipment - Installation - Ongoing Maintenance

We are a one stop company the offer a all in one solution that includes Point to Point Wireless Design and a site survey, equipment, installation service and ongoing maintenance and IT support.

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