Starlink Installers

We install your Starlink dish, cabling and Starlink router and make sure all your devices are connected to Starlink WiFi.

Do you require a starlink installer anywhere in Sidney, Illawarra, Central Coast or Port Stephens area ? Get in touch with us to book a starlink installer today. WiFiMax offers Starlink installation services in greater Sydney Region and across other areas in NSW. We come to you to install your Starlink kit, do all the cabling required and install your wifi router. If you purchased a Starlink kit and require a professional installation please get in touch with us to book a technician.Our Starlink installer will install your Starlink dish on the roof, run the starlink cable in a very nice tidy way (inside wall cavity where possible) and install the Starlink router and configure the wifi for you. When Starlink installation is completed your wifi will be up and running at incredible fast speed. We can also help you extend your Starlink internet connection and cover the whole house with wifi signal by installing additional WiFi Access Points.If you have a large property or a farm and require your Starlink connection extended to a shed or remote building within your property, we can do that for you by installing additional Point To Point connections with remote access points.We cover more than just a Starlink installation. We can go beyond that and setup a premium wifi system to deliver wifi anywhere you want it.

Starlink Installation

Professional installation of your Starlink kit that includes dish on the roof, cabling, router, wifi setup and testing of all your equipment

Whole House WiFi

We supply equipment and install high speed and highly reliable home wifi solutions that deliver 100 % full coverage with wifi signal

Point to Point WiFi Extensions

We can extend your Starlink wifi to reach other buildings or locations within your property. We use wireless Point To Point connections for that

Book a Starlink Installation

Fixed Price Starlink Installation Service

Sydney - Illawara - Central Coast - Port Stephens

 Price includes a heave duty roof mount and accessories

Installation comes with 5 years warranty

We can also extend Starlink to cover your other dwelling, shed, etc. (extra charges apply)

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All our Starlink installations are delivered with a 5 years warranty ! We are ACRS Registered Cablers !