Hotel WiFi Solutions

We are a professional hotel WiFi solution designer, equipment supplier and installer that offers superior quality hotel WiFi solutions. We deliver our hotel WiFi solutions with 24/7 support and remote management.
We offer hotel operators managed WiFi solutions with cloud management portal from zero deposit and 24/7 ongoing support. Our hotel wifi solutions supports guest wifi and parallel steaming wifi for Netflix, Amazon, YouTube or other similar streaming platforms.
All our hotel wifi solutions are delivered with cloud management portal. Hotel managers can login to their wifi management portal from any location to monitor and mange the hotel wifi network.
We offer hotels latest technologies (Ruckus, Grandstream, Cisco, Ubiquiti) together with 24/7 network monitoring and  IT support. 

hotel wifi survey

We offer a full Tamograph WiFi site survey. Results of the wifi site survey are vital to wifi design process. A WiFi site survey is "must do" before the design stage

hotel wifi design

We will design a top quality performant wifi solution for your hotel to include excellent wifi signal coverage, capacity and network security for your guests and your adiminstration

hotel wifi installation

We supply the equipment and offer a professional installation service. Engineers will coordinate installation with technicians and hotel management for fast, smooth wifi solution deployment

High Quality 24/7 managed WiFi solution for your hotel !

Never receiver another wifi complaint from a guest. Our solutions are fully managed via the cloud and deliver a high quality wifi for your guests.

no more passwords or vouchers

Hotel operators don't have to print vouchers anymore or deal with connectivity issues. Authentication portal is available with several authentication options

customized login and authentication

Guest will login to your hotel wifi by using a customized login form that may included guest name, room number or e-mail address.

customized guest landing page

WiFi hotspot with landing page (motel logo, T&C, welcome message, etc.). Also include full set of bandwidth management tools for QoS.

WiFi is now extremely important to your guests !

Let's get to work ! Take the first step. Get in touch for a free non obligation consultation !

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