Motel WiFi Solutions

We build cost-effective high-speed WiFi solutions for motels. All our motel wifi solutions are delivered with 24/7 monitoring and IT support.

Our motel Wi-Fi solutions will increase your guest satisfaction by delivering reliable and secure high speed wifi connection. We implement high quality motel wifi solutions with high quality, cost effective equipment and 24/7 WiFi network monitoring system.

100 % in room coverage

With a professional Wi-Fi design, we ensure 100% In-room full WiFi coverage. We use the last 802.11ac/ax  (WiFi 5 & 6) technology to provide high-speed internet access.

latest technology

With the last advanced technologies such as Cloud Management Hotspot and Wi-Fi 6 we guaranty high-speed wifi performance with flexibility, reliability, and affordability.

competitive pricing

You can buy or lease our motel wifi solutions. We offer 100% financing with no money down. Which allows you to make payments over time rather than investing a lump sum up front.

WiFi Design - Equipment Supply - Installation

Our motel wifi solutions include a complete hardware package, with optional onsite installation service available (including cabling) and a cloud management portal. Solutions are maintained by us via a cloud portal and delivered with 24/7 IT support as part of the service. Our motel wifi solutions deliver 100 % wifi signal coverage throughout the motel area. We use high quality WiFi routers and WiFi Access Points (Mikrotik , Ubiquiti, Grandstream and more). Our motel wifi solutions are available to purchase or for a monthly lease fee at zero deposit. Full FREE wifi design service provided with any package purchased. The design include RF planning predictive survey with heat maps attached.

wifi design

We survey the site and design the best wifi solution for you

we supply equipment

We supply the equipment at the possible price for you !

we install the wifi solution

we install your wifi solution including equipment cabling if required and system setup

we look after your wifi

we offer 24/7 technical support, monitor and manage your wifi system

no more passwords

Motel operators don't have to print vouchers anymore or deal with connectivity issues. Authentication portal is available with several authentication options

social media login

Guest will login to your wifi hot spot by using their social media account, room number, phone number or e-mail address.

guest portal

WiFi hotspot with landing page (motel logo, T&C, welcome message, etc.). Also include full set of bandwidth management tools for QoS.

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