Apartment Complex WiFi Solutions

We design, deploy and maintain high quality wifi solutions for apartment buildings

Own an Apartment Complex? You May Be Missing-Out on Revenue Opportunities

WiFi and Internet is a valuable commodity. Just think of the growing number of household devices that rely on WiFi connectivity to function. If you’re allowing traditional Internet and cable providers to bill your tenants for such services, you’re missing-out on thousands and thousands of dollars in annual revenue by not offering this service directly to your tenants. Newer buildings that are under construction should especially be aware of this unique service and the huge benefits that it can provide both to building management and its tenants.
Become and Internet services provider (ISP) who offers valued tenants a higher level of Internet and dedicated support. Installing WiFi for apartment complexes doesn’t have to be difficult. We will do all the work for your.

Flexible Bandwidth 
Whether your tenants need a 10 mbps connection for basic Internet or dedicated speeds of 1 gbps+, we have you covered. Bandwidth is flexible, it does not require a long-term commitment and it comes in a variety of packages to fit all needs.
24/7 Customer Phone Support 
If your tenants have an issue, they can contact our Sydney based support team for immediate resolution, any time.
Exceptional Onsite Support 
Some issues can’t be resolved remotely and we may have to come onsite to make an accurate diagnosis or provide a more complex solution. Whether we’re working in a server room, a hallway or in a tenant’s apartment, we always treat our work space with the utmost respect.
Customer Onboarding 
You may offer tenants WiFi, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pitch services or onboard new customers. WiFiMax is happy to do that work for you! We offer a variety of marketing materials and can activate services in-person, online or over the phone.
Seamless Installations
Our  team will manage every element of your network installation from design to engineering to configuration.
Regular Maintenance 
Even the best equipment needs to be enhanced occasionally. From software upgrades to hot-spare swap-outs, our team is flexible and willing to work during the early morning hours to make sure end users never experience any network downtime.

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