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WiFiMax Lite

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WiFiMax Lite

Event 4G Internet and WiFi Kit 

Compact Kit that includes a Plug & Play WiFi System in the Australian 4G Network. Router is a commercial grade Teltonika RUTXR12. Highly reliable, commercial rated solution that you can trust to deliver quality Internet & WiFi to your event. Delivered in a tough, rugged IP67 rated carry case. Allows immediate access to internet and WiFi.


  • $ 150.00 Setup Fee Plus $ 200.00 per day
  • Includes GST, 1 way courier fee and unlimited data usage*

* unlimited data is distributed at full 4G available speed for the first 100 GB of data then at speed 1.5 mbps unlimited data usage


  • No wiring or installer required. Just plug it in and use it
  • Number of simultaneous devices supported: 25
  • Dual Band WiFi
  • WiFi Signal Type: 802.11n + 802.11ac wave2
  • WiFi Coverage: 50 meters radius 
  • Ethernet Port: 4
  • Hotspot and Captive Portal: Yes, if required it is available at no extra charge
  • Supports video streaming, VoIP, and high bandwidth applications

   SIM Cards and Data

  • 1 x SIM included
  • Kit includes unlimited data usage

   Technical Support

  • 24/7 technical support included
  • Router is monitored and  managed remotely by WiFiMax
  • Any setup can be done remotely 

   How It Works

  • Easy Setup - Plug & Play in 2 minutes 
  • Transparent and all-inclusive pricing means no hidden costs when your show is completed.
  • Your commercial WiFi rental kit will be delivered to your local office or hotel courier, one business day prior to your event.
  • WiFiMax offers 24x7 telephone technical support and a 100% money back guarantee.

Terms and Conditions of Service